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More Sammy

“Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home” comes from the Broadway play “St Louis Woman” which is was a musical comedy about infidelity, domestic violence, and murder so you know it was hilarious! It is a fantastic song and Sammy sings it beautifully as always.

I’ll be packing up to head to St Louis myself this time next week where I will be a St. Louis woman for about 48 hours. I will try to keep the fisticuffs and gun play to a minimum but I can’t promise anything. After all, if musical theater says violence must ensue, I may be powerless to resist the thrall. In the meantime, we dance! Er… watch a clip of dancing anyway…

This is almost certainly from “The Sammy Davis Jr. Show” though I couldn’t find which episode. I have nothing more to add except tap dancing always makes me smile!

Basie And Boogie For Lesser Mortals

One You Tube commenter said he thought this video was being played back at a slightly higher than normal speed. I can see where he might have gotten that idea. “Basie Boogie” actually did start out as a much slower tune but over the years it evolved so that this is the correct tempo for this smokin, swingin number.

I think I’m pretty competent in both the “plain” and “with my bad self” varieties of getting down, but at first this video made me question my ability to boogie.  Then I realized that surely this is some super advanced god-like level of boogieing. There must be lower, more attainable tiers for us mere mortals. For example I may not have the scores to rate a Taste Of Honey  “Oogie Oogie” level of boogie proficiency, but I’m fairly certain even I can claim mastery of the “Bertha Butt Boogie!”

Buddy Rich and the Tantrum Heard Round The World

Isn’t paradiddle an awesome word? I had to look it up because, aside from the fact that it relates to drumming, I had no idea what it meant. It’s a drum roll in which the the left and right hands alternate. I looked up a You Tube demonstration too because all drum rolls involve the left and right hand as far as I know. Paradiddle involves a couple hits with one hand then a couple hits with the other. It sounds a bit like the wheels of a train speeding over the track.

This is from 1956’s “This One’s For Basie.” The songs are Basie’s compositions but the Count does not actually appear on the album. I chose the song “Down For Double” because it has a couple excellent drum solos. Let’s enjoy Buddy Rich: musical genius and legendary show biz man-diva.

I think I have one of the few non-show biz jobs on the planet where I’m allowed to have tantrums. Granted, they’re other people’s tantrums and I’m just there to give them voice. But loudly and profanely defaming the character and questioning the parentage of complete strangers can be oddly cathartic sometimes.

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