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Give The Drummers Some

It blows my mind that this blog has nearly a year and a half worth of posts and, until last month, the song “Cute” never appeared. It was composed by Neil Hefti. I never knew it had lyrics but it does. The internet says they were written by Stanley Stein but I couldn’t verify that. It’s the perfect song for drum solos!

This excellent clip is from the show “The Hollywood Palace.” This particular episode is from the 1964 season. This version of “Cute” features an eye crossing talent roster! There’s an introduction from Victor Borge and drum solos by Loui Bellson, Philly Jo Jones, Shelly Manne and Irv Cottler plus the fantastic dancing of Caterina Valente.

Only one of these performers has been featured on this thread so far. There’s no way I’d do them all justice in one post so I have decided to bestow the music industry’s highest honor on them all and give them individual posts right here on this blog! I know it’s a huge honor but these kids have talent and I want to make sure they finally get the recognition they deserve!

RIP Charlie Callas

A few news outlets are reporting that Charlie Callas passed away on January 27 at age 86. Mr. Callas was known for his work as a comic actor. He was featured in the 70s TV show “Switch” and several Mel Brooks movies. He was also a talk show and celebrity roast mainstay. Charlie was also a very fine drummer and he actually began his career working with greats like Tommy Dorsey and Buddy Rich. Here is a clip of Charlie Callas doing the song “Cute.” It’s from the Merv Griffin show.

RIP Mr. Callas.

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