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Double Dream Hands

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet John Jacobson. He’s a composer, choreographer, and a music educator who gives workshops at schools all around the country. He is also the founder of America Sings, a noncompetitive outdoor music festival for kids.

Okay yes I know, fashions from the 1987 JC Penny “Youth Minister Chic” catalog, needle on the enthusiasm meter is WAY buried, Lawrence Welk is at this very moment looking down from Heaven and saying “damn that song is bland” BUT…  The guy writes music for children’s choirs and these videos (yes there are more) are meant to teach students and teachers the choreographed moves that go along with the songs. In other words we lovers of snark are not the intended audience. I was watching this while my built in Beautiful Target Audience was playing nearby. While I stared in mute horror, she LOVED it and her enthusiasm was contagious. It wasn’t long before both our Double Dream Hands were flying. I suppose I should be embarrassed about it but, in the words of the immortal Joel Hodgson, “Bite me, it’s fun!”

P.S. Guess what else John Jacobson got up to back in 2008:

I guess Dream Hands do not equal votes though.

Every Little Breeze

The first known trees, called Wattieza, appeared on the planet about 385 million years ago. They stood 30 feet tall and resembled modern palm trees. Wind dates back 3-4 billion years.

If I ever have the opportunity to build myself a dream home, it would have to be in the mountains. Here’s why:

At sea level I am an agnostic. In other words, religion to me is one giant shoulder shrug. But in the mountains, the heartstopping, breathtaking beauty fills my heathen heart to the point where even I have to lift a silent prayer of thanks to the Creator of such miracles. Skeptics may say the thinner atmosphere impairs my judgement. I think I just need to be slightly closer to heaven for faith to take hold.

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