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Steve and Eydie and Love and Marriage

Steve and Eydie are a swell couple ‘a kids who have been married 53 years. They met working on the Tonight show when it was hosted by Steve Allen in the mid fifties. They were married in 1957. As of 2009 they were both still active and performing. Here’s the song “This Could Be The Start Of Something Big.” I’m not sure when this performance was but they first did the song on their 1960 album “We Got Us.”

Not many marriages last 53 years these days. I suspect that’s because of greater social and economic freedom. Couples don’t have to stay together so they don’t. What amazes me though is that even with all the freedoms and choices we have, 50% of couples do actually make it to forever. My mother and her husband just celebrated their 30th anniversary. They don’t have the kind of relationship I’d choose for myself but they seem happy enough. In fact, most of the people in my family seem to pair up and stay that way for the long haul. I never really thought to ask any of them what the secret was but honestly I doubt it can be taught. I’m certainly no expert, but I bet the real secret to Steve and Eydie-like lovgevity is finding someone special, building a lasting love, and then spending the rest of your days trying not to irredeemably screw it up!

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