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Don’t Quit Your Day Job Dr. Early

Me after reading the video title: Bobby Troup? Hey, is that… OMG it is! “Emergency’s” Dr. Joe Early sings!?

Me *while* watching the video: BAHAHAHAHA! Wicked!

Me *after* watching the video: Wow, he’s really really… not that good is he? There’s only like half an octave in this song and he’s still straining for the top notes.

Me after a bit of research: Wow Dr. Joe Early wrote “Route 66!” He was married to nurse Dixie McCall (Julie London) and she sings too! She, on the other hand, is good!

Bobby Troup was quite an accomplished pianist and composer long before he joined the cast of the long running TV series “Emergency.” His biggest comercial success was the song “Route 66.” He also produced his wife Julie London’s biggest hit “Cry Me A River” which is one of my favorite songs.

A professor of mine once called my class “first generation Sesame Street feminists.” She explained that “Sesame Street” was the first show to model gender equality so, unlike generations before us, the concept of feminism was not foreign to us. We readily embraced the term and proudly called ourselves feminists. I think it’s interesting that most younger women would hesitate to call themselves feminists even though, when asked, they still believe in the same ideals. I’m sad to see the unifying term fall out of favor but I guess labels really don’t matter as long as GIRL POWER reigns supreme!

And now in the interest of equal air time, here is my response from the early days of feminism:

Red Shoes NOT White Hoods!

“The Red Shoes” is a 1948 British film which stars Moira Shearer, Leonide Massine, and Marius Goring. It’s  the most popular ballet film ever made. The story is actually a love triangle. The beautiful Victoria Page (Shearer) must choose between her love of the handsome Julian Craster (Goring) and her love of the dance. I don’t want to give too much away but if you are familiar with the Hans Christian Anderson story, you have probably guessed that it’s a tragedy. The film was recently restored at UCLA and it was screened in the renovated Egyptian Theater on 6/24. The movie was the first to stage an extended dance sequence in the middle of the film. Other films like “An American In Paris” would follow suit but this was the original. I’ll post both halves of the ballet “The Red Shoes.” The choreography is masterful!

This section is titled:

PWNED!: Beautiful The Bigot Learns A Lesson

I also watched “Sex And The Single Girl” this week. I’m a feminist so when I saw in the Netflix plot summary that it was based on a book by Helen Gurley Brown I thought it would be right up my alley! I will probably end up in movie lover’s hell for saying so but,even though there were many good points, I really did not like it. Henry Fonda and Tony Curtis were both good and Lauren Bacall was great. The movie soundtrack even had some awesome Count Basie numbers in it. But the plot was a big unfunny mess to me and even though Natalie Wood was beautiful, her performance seemed very wooden and unnecessarily shouty. It got a couple stars out of me but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again.

When I read the plot summary for “The Red Shoes” I didn’t think I’d like it at all. The male character descriptions seemed overly Neanderthalish and the female seemed overly weak and foolish. But it’s a musical with dancing so I figured I’d watch it anyway. I was blown away. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. So anyway yeah, it turns out that, perhaps, prejudice is kind of a bad thing. I know it’s a bold and pioneering notion but now you can all say you heard it here first.

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