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Tony Bennett and Saint Television

“Rags To Riches” was written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross in 1953 and it became a number  one hit for Tony Bennett that same year. The Wikipedia entry also mentioned something about Charlie Chaplin and magical gypsies… no, really. I thought about putting the actual opening sequence for “Goodfellas” up but Ray Liotta talks over a lot of the song. There’s also the small matter of the grizzly murder right there in the middle of it. Do check out the title sequence on You Tube if you have the time and the intestinal fortitude. It really is good. I opted for the song and a “Goodfellas” still shot for this post.

Who’s surprised that I haven’t seen “Goodfellas?” Anyone? Anyone? I didn’t think so. I watch a lot of movies but apparently none of the right ones.  When I hear the song “Rags to Riches” I think about the character Carmine “The Big Ragoo” Ragusa on the “Laverne and Shirley” show. And when I hear “Goodfellas” I think of “Good Feathers” from the “Amimaniacs” cartoon. Why yes, TV did raise me as a matter of fact. I won’t hear a word against it either. My TV was a saint!


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