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Death Defying Miles Davis

“So What” is a Bill Evans composition and it’s the first track off the 1959 Miles Davis album “Kind Of Blue.” According to Wikipedia it is one of the best known examples of modal jazz. It’s 16 bars of D Dorian followed by 8 bars of E flat Dorian. The song is so nifty it even has a chord named after it in music circles! My extensive knowledge of music theory has led me to the following conclusion: Dorian is a pretty word.

How did any of us survive the 60’s and 70’s? Absolutely everything we did was deadly back then. All of our toys were pointy, explosive, and covered in sweet delicious lead paint. All of our buildings were stuffed with asbestos. We ate nothing but lard fried pork products and EVERYTHING contained sugar. We never wore seat belts and my only car seat was my momma’s lap! My grandparents smoked like chimneys through all of 8 healthy pregnancies between them. While I was watching this video I noticed that all of these men, whose livelihoods  depended on their ability to breath, were either smoking or enjoying the rich satisfying flavor of second hand smoke and absolutely no one seems disturbed. Heck it never bothered me when I was a kid either. Now that we’re living in the germ free, bubble wrapped 21st century any prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke sends me into sinus purgatory!

PS Completely off the point but Miles Davis is the scariest looking man who ever lived. Period.


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