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Jerry Vale and Show Tunes For Shut-Ins

“Sleepy Time Gal” is the title song to a 1942 movie starring Judy Canova. One reviewer on IMDb calls it a “sadly forgotten gem” of a film. The internet says the film is about mistaken identity and mob intrigue. What does that have to do with sleepy time? No idea, but it is a catchy tune. Here’s Jerry Vale’s version. We haven’t heard from him on this blog yet.

I’m a sleepy time gal. I ain’t that domestic so I don’t “love” to cook and to sew on a regular basis, but I do occasionally like to do both when it’s a special project. Even though I have to get up pretty early in the morning for work, you’ll never find me in bed at eight. I am, however, almost always in for the evening well before that time. I would like to blame that on the kiddo but really, if I wanted to go out it wouldn’t be that hard to get a sitter. It’s really just the older I get, the more my inner “crotchety old shut-in” comes out. I just like staying in for an early supper and a rousing evening of yelling at kids to stay off my lawn. Now if you’ll excuse me I see several square inches of my home not covered in doily. I must go and remedy that immediately.

Every Little Breeze

The first known trees, called Wattieza, appeared on the planet about 385 million years ago. They stood 30 feet tall and resembled modern palm trees. Wind dates back 3-4 billion years.

If I ever have the opportunity to build myself a dream home, it would have to be in the mountains. Here’s why:

At sea level I am an agnostic. In other words, religion to me is one giant shoulder shrug. But in the mountains, the heartstopping, breathtaking beauty fills my heathen heart to the point where even I have to lift a silent prayer of thanks to the Creator of such miracles. Skeptics may say the thinner atmosphere impairs my judgement. I think I just need to be slightly closer to heaven for faith to take hold.

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