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Christmas Is Coming…

The song was written by Irving Berlin and first introduced by Dick Powell and Alice Faye in the 1937 movie “On The Avenue.” Here Sinatra sings it on “The Frank Sinatra Show” (1950-1952). I’ve seen several clips from Frank’s shows and even a full episode or two and I think it would have been my variety show of choice if I were watching back then.

I like Christmas music whether it contains the word or not but I do love the winter themed songs. Here’s one of my favorites.  Johnny Mathis Christmas albums were the soundtrack of our holiday season when I was growing up so we heard this version of “Marshmallow World” often.

I picked this one because it’s my favorite one that doesn’t mention the “C” word but our real favorite from the album was “The Sound Of Christmas.” It contains the magical line “Silver bells that tinkle on a tree.” It’s pretty funny now but trust me, when you’re 8, anything that tinkles on a tree  is comedy GOLD!

Ella Fitzgerald Boldly Goes Where A Few Have Gone Before

“You’re Laughing At Me” is from the 1937 movie “On The Avenue.” I know we’ve heard another song or two from this movie. I really need to check it out some day. “Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Irving Berlin Songbook” was released in 1958 and it was nominated for Best Album at the very first Grammy Awards. Ella won for Best Female Vocal Performance that year.

Isn’t technology great? With  internet dating  it’s nearly impossible to find the right combination of cruel emoticons to mock someone who shares tender feelings. In fact, what I mostly get when I express interest is silence. I don’t take it personally because there are lots of reasons people don’t respond. I usually choose to believe guys who don’t answer me would actually love to respond if only they weren’t being held captive by aliens. Whether those aliens are hideous slime creatures from the depths of the Bog World or triple breasted nymphets from Eroticon 6 is probably a moot point. If he can’t reach his communicator to respond to my hailing frequency then we can’t have a meaningful dialogue. And if we can’t have a conversation it’s impossible to “engage!”  Hmm… you don’t think all this nerd-speak could have anything to do with lack of success in matters of the heart do you? Nah! Nerd chicks are hawt!

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