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“In The Moody” And Other Nonsensical Phrases

Despite Dizzy’s claim, this song is not called “Turn Loose Them Chitlins Baby ‘Cause Daddy Wanna Grease Boogaloo” nor was it written by James Moody. It’s called “Cherokee” and it was written by Ray Noble in 1936. Moody interprets it masterfully of course. This performance is a 1968 concert in Copenhagen and, presumably it was filmed for television.

Judging by the slow rate of speech in the introductions, I assume the spoken parts were being translated. When Dizzy shouted the bogus title I felt a pang of sympathy for  the poor interpreter.  I’m not sure what Dizzy had in mind when he chose that particular phrase, but I know the interpreter had a Maalox moment when s/he heard it! I ran the subtitles through Google translator to see if I could make sense of what s/he came up with. Here’s what I got back “Drop dell are loose, my slut, for now Dad out here and souls.”  I have no idea what that means but I’m guessing it has nothing to do with eating boiled pig intestine (chitterlings).  Apparently it is funny though because the audience laughed right on cue. Of course no ethical interpreter would ever distort anyone’s message on purpose but mistranslations do happen sometimes which brings a question to my mind.  I wonder if most performers would be angry if they found out their joke had not been translated accurately if it got the laugh anyway.

P.S. I did a jive to English translation of Dizzy’s title then ran it through Google to create my own subtitle. Here’s what I got:

Giv mig grafinker baby. Far ønsker at spise. Boogaloo

I hope someone who speaks Danish runs across this at some point and tells me how close I got to what I wanted to say. BTW it blows my mind that there actually is a Danish word for chitterlings!

RIP James Moody

Jazz saxophonist and flutist James Moody died of pancreatic cancer Thursday. He was 85. Moody joined Dizzy’s band after he left the army in 1949 and the two men worked together off and on for decades. This clip is a wonderful example of the fun that resulted from their collaboration.

His original composition “Moody’s Mood For Love” is one of my 14 billion favorite songs. I think I’ll go queue that up on my iPod and remember a great musician. Thank you Mr. Moody and RIP.

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