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Woody Herman

Woody Herman sang in Vaudeville shows as a child and he got his first job as a professional musician at 15. By 23 he was leading his own band. Woody’s career spanned 7 decades and his band “The Herd” launched the careers of many talented musicians. Here’s Woody Herman and the Herd from the show “Jazz Casual.” The song is “A Taste Of Honey” (Scott and Marlow 1960). I chose this clip because the sound quality is pretty good (all things considered) and because honey is delicious!

Half my office has come down with the plague so ’tis the season for tea with honey around here. The changing weather always seems to make people ill. I have often said February is the ugliest month of the year despite the fact that my Beautiful Girl was born right in the middle of it. The pretty winter wonderland has melted away and the world has become a soggy, muddy wasteland. As I was driving to work this morning, surveying the sludge and khaki landscape, I decided I needed a perspective change. I decided to view the world as an newly hatched baby bird. All the white shell has peeled away to reveal the wet, scraggly newborn beneath. It may not be much to look at right now but life has started and it won’t be long until all the pretty plumage is revealed.

A Very Special Episode Of Jazz Casual

For some reason, the words “a very special episode” are inextricably linked with mental images of a drunken Scott Baio in my adolescent hindbrain. Perhaps this marvelous clip will finally dislodge the nightmarish visions. “Afro Blue” was composed by Mongo Santamaria in 1959 with lyrics by Oscar Brown Jr. It’s been recorded many times but Coltrane’s version is the most famous.

The show “Jazz Casual” ran on the NET network from 1960 to 1968. The complete series used to be available on DVD but it’s out of print now and you can’t even get used copies on Amazon or eBay. That’s a shame because I’d love to see it!  Ah well, at least there are You Tube clips and if I keep watching the net long enough I’m sure a set will turn up.

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