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Miles Davis Générique

The clip is from the 1958 French movie Ascenseur pour l’échafaud. It was called Elevator to the Gallows when it was released in the US. It’s a thriller about love, intrigue, and murder (’cause what else would a thriller be about). The beautiful woman in the clip is Jeanne Moreau playing the character Florence Carala. I haven’t seen the movie but I read the synopsis. I think this must be the part where she thinks her murdering boyfriend has run off with another woman so she’s sad. He hasn’t run off, he’s in the titular elevator but you’ll get no more spoilers from me.

The internet says Miles Davis improvised the soundtrack to this movie in 5 hours. He sipped champagne with Jeanne and director Louis Malle during the recording session.  I believe this song is called “Générique” which Google translates to “Generic.” I’m thinking something is probably lost in the translation there.

And now it’s time for another tale from my misspent youth. My friends and I used to love to hang out at the Bonaventure hotel because we were broke and loitering was free. The well-to-do make for fascinating people watching! The other great thing about the Bonaventure is the elevators. They are glass and they run up the outside of the 35 story building. The view is spectacular plus, if you jump on the way down you get a millisecond of extra hang time. It’s not much but it still makes ya feel like Supergirl! (Your gender may vary.)

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