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Jerry Lewis Sings Bob Dylan! Sadly Not True

Okay so this technically isn’t a music video but it’s too funny to pass up! I love Martin Short and SCTV! This particular clip is from episode 7 of the 6th and final season of SCTV which ran on Cinemax.

I believe we only escaped a real Lewis/Dylan cover album by the luckiest of coin tosses. Clearly the fates allow this sort of thing to happen all the time. Debbie Reynolds “…Had A Hammer,” Lawrence Welk “…Toked Over The Line,”  Pat Boone did heavy metal and, ladies and gentlemen, this actually happened:

I don’t know why I’m drawn to things like this. It’s like a mosquito bite that I can’t help scratching. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go queue up Nimoy’s “Legend Of Bilbo Baggins.” Somebody call me when Manilow starts eying Jay Z’s catalog!


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