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Harry Nilsson And The Problem With Single TV Fathers

“Courtship of Eddie’s Father” ran from 1969 to 1972 and it was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.

I once read an interesting article about the 50’s and 60’s widower dad shows. It was the author’s belief that all those depictions of single parent homes were directly responsible for the moral decay of society today. I never buy into alarmist rhetoric myself, unless of course it’s alarmist rhetoric that I personally agree with. It is true that many of my favorite shows growing up depicted single parent homes. I have to wonder if that fact contributed to my decision to become a single parent. Whether or not I’ll contribute to society’s “moral decay” remains to be seen. But, if my child does grow up to be a floozy/axe murderer, at least I can take comfort in the fact that it’s really all Fred MacMurray’s fault!

Nat, Mel, or June: Can You Spot The Domestic Goddess?

This is a clip from “The Nat King Cole Show” which ran from 1956 -1957. I believe this is the first June Christy we’ve had on this thread! I love it when women show up. June was born in my home state Illinois and she began singing professionally at the tender age of 13. She came to prominence when she replaced Anita O’Day in Stan Kenton’s orchestra where she scored hits with “Tampico” and “How High The Moon.”  I always LOVE to hear Nat King Cole play and Mel Torme on drums is a treat!

While I was looking up info for this post, I came across some publicity photos of June. A couple showed her with her hubby in their spotless home in typical poses of 1950’s domesticity. It made me smile because my mom will be visiting all next week. I love my mom and we always look forward to her visits. Here’s my question though, why do I feel the need to imitate that same image of perfect domesticity whenever anyone comes over? I don’t live in squalor. A&E is not about to show up with a camera crew. But I work full time and I Mom full time too and I confess that when I have time to myself, I do not always feel like picking up a dust rag. But now that my mom is coming I am polishing and dusting and organizing like a mad woman! I’m thinking entertaining would be a lot less stressful if I just print up a form letter of domestic confession:

Dear [insert visitor here],

My knick knacks are often dusty, my toiletries are shamefully unorganized, and sometimes there’s pet hair on the furniture. I hope you can still find it in your heart to love me somehow.


P.S. Caution: Restroom sometimes contains disgruntled flying rodent.

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