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There’s No Place Like Dick Van Dyke’s Home

Even though I know it must be wildly inaccurate, Rob, Sally, and Buddy will probably always inform my vision of what life as a television writer must be like. This is a clip from a season 3 episode called “Too Many Stars.” You can watch the full episode on Hulu. Here’s a link:

The Dick Van Dyke Show \”Too Many Stars\”

The song is “A Doodlin’ Song” written by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh. It was the A side of a Peggy Lee single recorded in 1963 and it has since become a jazz standard. It appears on a few children’s introduction to jazz albums because it is a fun little ditty.

The town I live in has a very similar name to the Petrie’s suburb! That’s pretty much where the similarities end. New Rochelle, New York is a swanky city with high priced real estate and a population of over 70,000. My town has under 10,000 and it is decidedly blue collar. Downtown is 2 blocks long and there are no buildings over 2 stories high. I’m not kidding. We have no taxis and no public transportation and Walmart IS our mall. And no, it’s not Super Walmart. When I first heard the name of my current home town, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” was the first thing I thought of but it has much more in common with the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois from the “Roseanne” show. But the people here are friendly and the streets are pretty safe. In the seven years I’ve lived here our one “murder” turned out to be an accidental drowning. Besides, when people ask me where I live, if I slur my answer just right, they might think I’m a sophisticated New York socialite!*

*What?! It could happen!

Coltrane At The Village Vanguard

“Live At The Village Vanguard” contains the first recordings of Coltrane’s experimentation with free jazz. The original full length LP contained only three songs. One side was devoted to “Chasin’ The Trane” which is 15 minutes long and is widely considered one of his most important recordings. The other side has two songs, one called “Spiritual” and the other “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise” which I’ve played on the thread before (I think). I took this video from the 1997 “The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings”. I’ve already played the shortest song on the original album and neither of the other two songs fit in single a YouTube video. So we’re going with this cool version of “Greensleeves” from the ‘97 box set.

The Village Vanguard club is still there! Unlike Birdland it’s been continuously open at the same address for nearly 75 years now. Performers say the building’s triangular shape makes for amazing acoustics and the creative energy of the spirits who have passed through that place must be amazing.  When I get to New York one day I am so there! I have no jazz loving friends IRL. I have no choice but to either drag a reluctant country music fan or wait for hijack one of my internet jazz friends. I just hope no one minds sippin’ Roy Rogers with me while I attempt to dampen my fan girl giddiness about the ghosts of jazz greats past.

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