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Away We Go: A Buddy Picture

Last April I wrote a post where I called Buddy Rich a “legendary man-diva.” There’s really no point in me mentioning that except I was pretty proud of the quote. Buddy’s rants were quite legendary though. This is the first time we have mentioned Buddy Greco here. He started performing at age 4 and, at 85, he is still going strong!

In 1967 both men starred, along with a very young George Carlin, in a summer replacement series called “Away We Go.” I think the name came from the fact that it was replacing the Jackie Gleason show but that’s just speculation on my part. Unfortunately there’s not much Carlin in this clip but Buddy Rich’s band is performing “Only The Greatest” and Buddy Greco is singing “The Happening.” You Tube commenters seem to think Rich’s band is miming here.

Springtime weather has returned to our Beautiful Town! That means the Beautiful Girl is back in the great out of doors amongst her buddies, The Tribe of Outdoor Children. Everyone is a year older now and friendship isn’t quite as simple as “Look, we have the same color shirt” any more. There seem to be more squabbles this year. It’s giving my “Stay out of this B. It’s not your battle” muscles a serious workout! I know it is important to let kids learn how to handle their own conflicts and navigate their own friendship “bumps” but… but sometimes they’re saying mean things to my sweet, perfect and blameless angel! Okay, I have a pretty darn good kid but even I can’t say that with a straight face! So, I listen to her side of the story, issue hugs, occasionally wipe tears and send her back out into the sunshine to reconcile with her tribesmen by herself. It all seems to work out in the end. I’m sure this all gets MUCH easier when they hit puberty right? Oy…

L’aquarium: Art In The Family

I got this one from film critic Roger Ebert‘s Facebook page yesterday. He posted it with this quote from illustrator Patrick Girouard:

“One night about a month ago, just before going to bed, I posted a 30 second silent video to my Facebook page showing the progress of an illustration as I painted it. During the night, without my knowledge, my son Marc wrote and recorded music for it and then extended and reedited the video. This is what I found in my inbox the next morning.”

The music was composed by Marc Girouard. I couldn’t find a separate title for the song but I assume it’s called “L’aquarium” too. I just think this is neat!

Here at House Beautiful we have had one fish, two fish, a red fish and now we’ve got a blue fish! His name is Nemo Bruce and he’s a crowntail betta. The Beautiful Girl didn’t know that Bruce was the nickname of the shark from “Jaws” when she picked it, but I did so I was amused. Nemo’s fretful momma regularly and enthusiastically checks his vitals. If his fishy heart can take the hourly startlings, I’m sure he’ll have a long and happy future here.

Edited To Add: Lousy irony. Moments after I posted this, Nemo Bruce was found dead in his tank. I tease the girl (on the blog only of course) but she really did take good care of her fish for the one day it lived. RIP Nemo Bruce.

RIP Daffodil The Betta Fish

Red Female Betta Fish

My Beautiful Daughter’s Betta fish Daffodil died today. She found the body this evening right before bed time. I guess she is learning a valuable lesson about life and loss. All I know is that my baby is sad and it sucks.

Here’s a happy little fish song to cheer up the occasion though. It’s The Smoothies with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra performing “Three Little Fishies.”

RIP Daffodil

Tis The Season For Pete Jolly

Pete Jolly released several albums as a solo artist and as part of  the Pete Jolly Trio but he’s probably best known for his work on movie and television soundtracks. Here’s Pete performing his 1963 Grammy nominated song “Little Bird.” This particular performance comes from the 2003 Clint Eastwood documentary “Piano Blues” which was aired on PBS as part of the series “Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues.”

(CAUTION: Please assume crash position to avoid getting whiplash from the following segue.)

Speaking of things which are Jolly, my daughter’s holiday show was today! When I decided to become a parent, watching shows like this one was high on my “can’t wait to do it” list. Little kids are awesome! They forget the words, they are seldom near the tune, they constantly break the forth wall and if your little darling is up on that stage it’s the greatest show on earth!

Mine wore her golden Christmas dress, sang and danced her heart out and then declared her performance “great!” I agreed enthusiastically. In the car on the way home she was kind enough to share some valuable pointers on voice performance. Apparently the secret’s in the squint. I hope you’re taking notes Celine Dion!

Anita Baker and Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Baby

Today is the Beautiful Baby’s birthday! She is six years old. I’m dedicating the video to her. It’s Anita Baker’s “You Bring Me Joy.” Yes, it’s technically R&B not jazz but Anita’s sound is clearly influenced by Sarah Vaughan.The lyrics might be a bit difficult to understand on this live version. It’s a love song that describes a mother’s love pretty well too.

This is the first song I played for my new baby on our first drive
home. After I dropped her off at daycare for the first time, I played
it as I drove to work and wept like somebody died. I played it again
today as we drove to her very first big kid birthday party. I have no idea where the time goes but I do know I’m enjoying every minute of it!

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