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Ann Arbor Trip Report

Top 5 Reasons Why My Fateful Trip To The CT Show Sucked:

1. I forgot my shoes. I don’t mean I forgot to bring that perfect pair to match my outfit. I mean I left my home completely unshod. There were no shoes in my luggage, in my car, or on my person. No shoes people, NONE! (There actually is a semi logical explanation but I think I’ll just present the goofy facts and let the reader come up with her/his own wild story.)

2. The rental place was two hours late getting me my car. Well actually an hour and forty-five minutes since I spent fifteen of those minutes buying a freakin’ pair of shoes.

3. I had to spend the whole trip hunting for radio stations because the “Sounds Of Detroit” CD box set I bought was full of badly recorded live versions and bizarre remixes. Techno “Tears Of A Clown?” Ew!

4. Outside of rush hour and outside of Chicago, I ran into a traffic jam that ran into two states! Do you know what was at the end of it? Can you guess? Three freakin’ orange cones and one flashing light. That was it. Gah! Why can’t people just GO?!

5. Stupid late car plus stupid long traffic jam made me completely miss the Friday night dinner with all my CT show friends. There was great conversation and laughter and gooey fistfuls of Stilton cheese and I wasn’t there!


Top 10 Reasons Why The CT Show Was Awesome:

1. I did finally catch up with and hug all of my CT show buddies! The Titans put on a hell of a funny show, no doubt about it. But what keeps me coming back again and again are the friends I make at these shows. Nerds are so cool!

2. The opening act:
-Gruber’s lip syncing shadow puppets!
-Mary Jo reads teh Wikipedia like no one can
-Trace Beaulieu, DVD super model deserves a Vulcan high five!
-Anatomical geography lessons from Gruber. Show us Florida!
-Intros from Joel mean it’s time to start the show!

3. “East Meets Watts” live hurt me with funny. I have the hilarious DVD but it was double awesome live! I love that the way the riffs keep changing slightly to stay topical. They also added MST callbacks to pander to us like we like it. “Rock climbing Joel. Rock climbing.”

4. The audience was awesome! If it wasn’t sold out it was pretty darn full and they came ready to laugh. It was also the most diverse crowd I’d ever seen at a CT show. I rarely see kids at these things but there were quite a few at the early show. I noticed that the riffs were a bit more “family friendly” at the early show this time around too. I don’t know whose idea that was but I liked it.

5. Mid-show visits with friends. It was a big full theater which is happy news for Titans! But it also meant us two show ticket holders were only allowed to go through the receiving line once. But I didn’t feel the least bit deprived. I got some extra signatures on my CT fan shirt and I got to gab with some of the warmest, funniest, friendliest people you’re ever likely to meet and I get to call them friends. I am a lucky woman.

6. The second show opening act.
-The Clown Song and WADD radio. Gruber and Josh really do have excellent
singing voices.
-“Convoluted Man” killed! I love it when that happens.
-Gruber raps to Al Stewart’s “The Year Of The Cat.” I love you Gruber.
That is all.

7. “The Oozing Skull” hurt me with funny. I loved the riff changes they made. It was my second favorite movie of the evening but I was still cracking up through the whole thing. No more “family friendly” at this show. It was grown-up time and I liked that very much too!

8. Post show chatting with Gruber. I got to take two pics with him. He wanted one more with us fake laughing which would have been awesome but unfortunately I think the time just got away from us. Ah well, there’s always the November show if he’s still interested in that sort of thing. Apparently you never know with Gruber!

9. Post show chatting with Titans!
-I lamented to Josh that I still had no photographic evidence that I’d ever met any of them.
-I made Frank laugh! Well okay it was a courtesy chuckle. My comment wasn’t that funny. But still! He has a great smile and I like that I made it happen.
-Mary Jo thanked me for coming to the show. She was gracious as always
-Brief but nice chat with both Trace and Joel about my town and its TV stations and the now defunct Time Museum.
-These guys are all absolutely awesome and I can’t emphasize that enough!

10. Closing down the joint yammering with friends. We stood around gabbing so long that the autograph line finally ended. I accosted the poor tired Titans as they were leaving and finally, on the 5th try, I have a picture of myself with the whole CT gang! It’s glaucoma blurry but by God everyone is visible so it’s posted on Facebook! It took us a further hour to say “goodbye” to each other outside the theater but we finally did manage to call it a night!

(If you know me at all you knew there’d be tap dancing before this post was over.)

Top 3 Reasons My Friends Rock:

1. They will make a tired, hungry house guest an egg sandwich at 3 am when she didn’t have any dinner plus stay up and chat plus supply sacks full of snacks for the long road trip home. Yummy!

2. They share their home with 6 gorgeous PUMA sized kitties. Many of them were gracious enough to allow me to scratch their ears and bellies. There’s nothing like the seal of approval from the real owners of the house.

3. Reconnecting with warm, wonderful friends and cementing bonds forged during another fantastic trip to another CT show. (Don’tcha love it when stuff comes full circle?)


Top 1 Reason I’m Glad I Stayed For Breakfast The Next Day:

1. Not even the constant shower of poop from angry squirrels could dampen the great time with all my fabulous friends. Thanks for a fun post-birthday celebration guys!

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