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Soft Machine: Slightly All The Time

Soft Machine took its name from the 1961¬†William S Burroughs book “The Soft Machine.” The group helped pioneer the progressive rock movement back in 1966. The song “Slightly All The Time” is from their 1970 album “Third” which was a double LP set. “Slightly All The Time” is over 18 minutes long and it took up an entire side of an album. It’s too much song for one You Tube video so here it is split in two parts.

and part two:

Reason number 17 to like progressive rock: At last I know a beautiful song that accurately answers the question “How often does Beautiful Mind crave cheesecake?” Now if only they’d made a companion piece called “…And Then Really Intensely For A Couple Of Days Every Month” I might have had to declare it the most perfect music on earth!

Yes: Roundabout

You might think we’re talking about Yes the adverb which is an affirmative answer to an interrogative statement but we’re not! We’re talking about British progressive rock group Yes and more specifically their very excellent album 1972 “Fragile.” (see what I just did there?)¬† Before this the only Yes song I knew was “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.” I’m glad I got to hear this and other tracks from this album because it is great.

I Googled progressive rock because I had no idea what the term meant and since we’re in the middle of a string of videos I figured it might be nice to know what the heck I’m talking about. The internet says it’s rock music which incorporates elements of folk, blues, jazz, classical, and/or world music. No wonder it’s right up my alley! I was pleasantly surprised to see that many groups I quite like are considered progressive rock and I didn’t even know it. There’s still tons I don’t know but I am enjoying the music and the education and what more could anyone want?

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