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Ella Fitzgerald Boldly Goes Where A Few Have Gone Before

“You’re Laughing At Me” is from the 1937 movie “On The Avenue.” I know we’ve heard another song or two from this movie. I really need to check it out some day. “Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Irving Berlin Songbook” was released in 1958 and it was nominated for Best Album at the very first Grammy Awards. Ella won for Best Female Vocal Performance that year.

Isn’t technology great? With  internet dating  it’s nearly impossible to find the right combination of cruel emoticons to mock someone who shares tender feelings. In fact, what I mostly get when I express interest is silence. I don’t take it personally because there are lots of reasons people don’t respond. I usually choose to believe guys who don’t answer me would actually love to respond if only they weren’t being held captive by aliens. Whether those aliens are hideous slime creatures from the depths of the Bog World or triple breasted nymphets from Eroticon 6 is probably a moot point. If he can’t reach his communicator to respond to my hailing frequency then we can’t have a meaningful dialogue. And if we can’t have a conversation it’s impossible to “engage!”  Hmm… you don’t think all this nerd-speak could have anything to do with lack of success in matters of the heart do you? Nah! Nerd chicks are hawt!

From Billie Holiday’s Lips…

Billie Holiday recorded “This Year’s Kisses” in 1937 with Teddy Wilson and his orchestra. Irving Berlin wrote the song for the 1937 movie “On The Avenue.”

I’m with Billie on “this year’s new romance.” It’s only been remarkable in its absence (mostly self imposed). My crop of kisses, however, has been great! They are frequently Happy Meal or kibble flavored but hey, that’s sweet enough for me! I wish the flavor of the kiss was a bit more indicative of the smoocher’s species but I’ve learned never to look a gift kiss in the mouth… wait… No, that works!

Sinatra, Bushkin and the Romantically Impaired

Wikipedia says Joe wrote the melody in 1941 (lyrics by John DeVries). But then it says Sinatra recorded it for the first time on October 24, 1940 which would be a neat trick! I am not sure which date is wrong but I guess the main point is that it’s a great song. This particular version is from a 1957 album called “A Swingin’ Affair.”

Sinatra would have been about 25 when he recorded the song for the first time and recently wed to wife number one. Clearly he cared about a whole lot of love because he married three more times. Joe Bushkin also cared about love. He and his lovely bride met before he left for service in World War II and, as far as I can tell, they stayed together and lived happily ever after.

I think most of us chronically single folks would freely admit that, for whatever reason, we’ve not cared over much about matters of the heart. I don’t think most of us are unhappy about it either. Problems only arise when potentially attractive people do happen to cross our paths. Most of us have few if any coping skills in the unlikely event that flirting might or should occur. I propose we set up a Foundation for the Amorously Apathetic and Romantically Timid. It would be a place where we can go to learn the necessary skill set when we find we suddenly need to acquire “game.” Of course FAART may not be the sexiest acronym, but these are the sorts of things we can work on!

Lee Morgan, My Cat, And Me

In 1963 Lee Morgan had just had a surprise hit with his rock and roll flavored instrumental “Sidewinder.” He assembled this all star cast to record his follow up “Tom Cat” in 1964. It’s a great album but none of the songs sound anything like “Sidewinder” so Morgan’s label Blue Note shelved it. The album wasn’t released until 1981. I only found one video on You Tube and luckily it’s my favorite song from the album. Here’s Lee Morgan with “Twilight Mist.”

I had a fabulous tom cat myself for years. He was black so his name was Obsidian, Sid for short. I used to call him the therapy cat. All of the foster kids who passed through my home can attest to the power of his mellow healing spirit. All that and he was self cleaning! I wish I could find a human male like that. The mellow spirit I mean, I wouldn’t want a guy who constantly licked himself… I think I’ll just end that thought there so we can maintain our PG-13 rating here on the jazz thread.

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