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Royal Wedding II: Electric Boogaloo

THE “Royal Wedding” y’all! Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, what more is there to say?

Friends of mine will be wearing tiaras at work today. They’ve declared it “any excuse to show my inner princess” day. Personally, Imma take a “Kwanzaa” on this one and celebrate my inner princess a day later!

The Royal Wedding

Here’s a clip from the movie “Royal Wedding.” The movie was released in 1951 and it starred Fred Astaire and Jane Powell as a brother and sister dance team. Powell was actually the studio’s third choice for the role, probably because she is 30 years Fred’s junior. I guess, that’s technically possible but it’d almost certainly be a parent’s worst nightmare to have kids 30 years apart! The song here is “You’re All The World To Me.” It’s the famous number where Fred dances on the walls and the ceiling.

The airwaves are filled with talk of royal nuptials these days. Some people are concerned that real news is being overshadowed by pointless celebrity claptrap like this. Personally, I’m resigned to the idea that journalism has become infotainment so these sorts of “news items” are inevitable. I try to get my news from sources where I can ignore the fluff.  I suppose though, as useless white noise stories go, this one is relatively harmless. It’ll likely bring a lot of revenue to the country and the wedding will probably be gorgeous. That’s nice for everyone who tunes in. I won’t be watching myself because I don’t give a tomato rat’s aspic about any of it. I did, however, just buy a box set of 50 musicals which includes the movie “Royal Wedding!” I watched it last night and I might just watch it again when those other royals get hitched. I figure, if my news is going to be overshadowed anyway, I’ll take Fred Astaire dancing with a coat rack over the latest shocking photos of Prince William’s receding hairline any day!

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