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Ah The Bill Evans Of The Night. What Beautiful Music…!

Bill Evans’ take on this 1945 Jerome Kern tune is awesome. “Up With The Lark” is from the movie “Centennial Summer.” Kern’s score was nominated for an Oscar that year but “The Jolson Story” won.

Well alright one more but this is the last one and then… well I’ll probably listen to them both again. This was filmed near the end of Bill’s life. He looks older than his years but his hands seem oddly smooth and youthful to me. Law’ but he plays beautifully!

I go to bed late but I am almost always up with the larks. I tend to use motherhood to explain away my sleeplessness but really it’s just plain old insomnia. The girlie is slightly resistant to going to bed. For example tonight’s bed time dialog went something like this:

“Mommy, can I read you just one more book before I go upstairs?”

“Alright but it has to be a really short book.”

“Okay, just let me get a pencil and some paper and I’ll write one!”

Once we read a pre-written book, she went to bed without any drama and she’ll stay that way until well after sun up tomorrow.

I, on the other hand will still be up for hours and I’ll probably be awake again before rosy dawn touches the horizon. I don’t actually get out of bed though because waking up early makes you a perfectly acceptable insomniac but getting up early makes you a morning person and I shudder at the thought of becoming one of those!

Stephan Grapelli and McCoy Tyner and Curses to Ben Franklin

“I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” was written for the 1939 Broadway musical “Too Many Girls.”  It was made into a movie starring Lucille Ball in 1940. The song was also used in the 1957 Frank Sinatra vehicle “Pal Joey.” It appears on three McCoy Tyner albums, two solos and one duet with Stephane Grappelli. I found a live version of the Tyner/Grappelli duet.

Benjamin Franklin is responsible for my dragging rear! Okay, being over 40 might be partly responsible but mostly it’s that philandering Founding Father. Apparently it was Ben’s bright idea to spring our clocks ahead an hour around this time of year so that pre-electricity businesses could stay open longer. Now, two and a half centuries later, I gotta stagger around exhausted and bleary eyed for a week. Unfortunately I’m not a coffee drinker but if I was I’d be roasting my beans in the heat of burning hundred dollar bills in protest!

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