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Nat King Cole and Team Dandelion

In his heyday, Nat King Cole’s albums outsold Sinatra’s. In 1956 he became the first Black host of a television variety show. The show aired without national sponsorship since major companies were unwilling to risk the ire of Southern White consumers. Even though it got excellent ratings, it only lasted a year before Cole himself decided to cancel it citing financial loss. Unfortunately, he was a heavy smoker who believed that cigarettes kept his voice low. He died of lung cancer in 1965.

When you search Nat King Cole on You Tube you’ll find an embarrassment of riches! I had a tough time choosing just one sample to post here today. I finally decided to go with a song called “Let There Be Love” because the video is in color and the happy little song reminds me of spring.

Every spring I get bombarded with junk mail ads from the lawn treatment companies offering to kill the pretty yellows, purples, whites, and pinks dotting my lawn. I throw em straight in the recycling bin. I think my “grass killers” are beautiful and I let them grow as free as the lawn mower will allow on my grass.

I actually made dandelion wine from the pretty yellow blossoms on my lawn once. My daughter, who was two then, helped me pick the flowers. Yes, I made moonshine with my toddler. (Gee, why hasn’t the Mother Of The Year committee called?) I suppose the fact that I don’t drink makes dandelion wine an interesting choice for a summer project, but it was fun. Of course, 4 years later I still have about 3 gallons of suspicious looking yellow liquid sitting on the shelf. I suppose I should either cook with it or throw it out. I get tired of telling people “No I’m not Howard Hughes, it’s WINE!

Clifford Brown and Spring Green

“It Might As Well Be Spring” was written for the 1945 movie “State Fair” which was a remake of a non-musical 1933 Will Rogers film. The song won Rogers and Hammerstein their one and only Oscar. I love far too many Rogers and Hammerstein songs to say that this one is the greatest ever but it is nice. Here is a nice Clifford Brown trumpet version.

If I ruled the universe, winter would confine itself to the month of December. I have scientifically determined that a cold and snowy winter wonderland is charming for exactly 31 days and not a second longer! Unfortunately, around these parts, winter usually hangs on through March and sometimes even into April. By this time of year I’m usually applying to my boss for a transfer to our office in the sixth level of hell because none of our 150 earthbound locations could possibly be in a warm enough place for my tastes.

This year is different. It’s early March and temperatures have already gotten up into the high 40’s and low 50’s. My daughter has left home and joined the vast tribe of outdoor children. She does remember me at meal and bed times so I don’t forget what she looks like. I’ve stopped skulking in the hallways at work and started walking outside again. So far the sunshine has totally kept my usual springtime funk at bay. I sure hope winter follows tradition and sticks it to us one more time before it gives up completely. I’m not sure I’ll survive these sunshine induced high spirits all the way through fall.

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