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Art Blakey, The Jazz Messengers, and Me

Art Blakey led The Jazz Messengers for 30 years and in that time the band had dozens lineups. The sextet mentioned in Frank’s tweet was the lineup from 1961-1964. This grouping made five albums that I could find. The most popular album was 1964’s “Free For All.” I decided to go with a live video instead so you can see the band in action. Here are Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers from 1962 with “Moanin’.”

I was moanin’ myself a couple of nights ago. I have a few dietary restrictions I’ve got to follow or I suffer really intense internal consequences. It’s no big deal as long as I’m careful and I’m usually pretty good about it because the alternative is grizzly. Well a couple of nights ago I tried something new without reading the label first. I shall spare you the details but let us say I’m not eager to go there again any time soon. Nothing stops these attacks once I stupidly set one in motion except time and whimpering. Now I’m thinking maybe I should make myself an iPod playlist of medicinal jazz. A song like “Moanin’” is bound to have healing properties!

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