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From Billie Holiday’s Lips…

Billie Holiday recorded “This Year’s Kisses” in 1937 with Teddy Wilson and his orchestra. Irving Berlin wrote the song for the 1937┬ámovie “On The Avenue.”

I’m with Billie on “this year’s new romance.” It’s only been remarkable in its absence (mostly self imposed). My crop of kisses, however, has been great! They are frequently Happy Meal or kibble flavored but hey, that’s sweet enough for me! I wish the flavor of the kiss was a bit more indicative of the smoocher’s species but I’ve learned never to look a gift kiss in the mouth… wait… No, that works!

Johnny Hodges Knows The Fools We Mortals Be

“Why Do I Lie To Myself About You” was written by Benny Davis and J. Fred Coots in 1936. The blurb for this video says it was recorded June 30, 1936 so I believe this was part of a session which included Billie Holiday. She does not perform this particular song though even though it has great lyrics. I don’t know why she didn’t sing it but the music is fantastic just the same.

It’s a shame that people let themselves get into some serious binds because they fool themselves into believing things that couldn’t possibly be true. I’m sad to report it’s even happened to a few people I know. I’m so sad to report it in fact, that I’m probably going to have to sign off now and spend this week’s gas money buying freaky eyed Precious Moments statues off eBay. Retail therapy is the only way to cure sadness. Man I sure am glad I don’t have any problems with lying to myself!*

*No actual gas money was frittered away in the writing of this post.

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