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Room 222

Room 222 was a comedy-drama series which ran on ABC from 1969 to 1974. It earned three Emmy Awards during its run. Jerry Goldsmith wrote the beautiful theme song. It’s one of my favorites plus it’s a TV theme song with numbers in it, two things which viewers of my blog seem to like.

I used to think the instrument here was a flute but now I’m pretty sure it’s a recorder. It could be an ocarina or something else altogether but I’ve conveniently decided ignore that fact. I have also decided that I NEED to learn to play this song! I’ve ordered my ten dollar “How To Play The Recorder” kit so, if all goes well (and what could possibly go wrong), I’m just a few weeks from fulfilling my dream! If I manage to figure it out (and that’s a really big IF), I’ll upload a video of myself playing the tune and write a blog post about it. I can just envision the opening blurb now… “Beautiful Mind was only 43 when she started to learn to play the recorder. Her career was cut tragically short by her crippling lack of attention span…” It’ll be better than MTV’s “Behind The Music” if you ask me! (It’s probably good that no one ever asks me…)

Heard Of Must See TV? Well This Wasn’t It.

Brief show runs require brief summaries: seventeen One Season Wonder sitcoms summarized in 5 words or less.

  • Our Man Higgins (1962-1963) -Proto “Mr Belvidere”
  • I’m Dickens. He’s Fenster (1962-1963)- “Odd Couple” with construction workers.
  • The Baileys Of Balboa (1964-1965) – CBS answer to “Gilligan’s Island”
  • Mickey (1964-1965) – Cancelled by Samee Tong’s suicide.
  • No Time For Sergents (1964-1965) – Based on the movie
  • Wendy And Me (1964-1965) – George Burns riffs a housewife.
  • Karen (1964-1965) – Girl “Leave It To Beaver”
  • Tammy (1965-1966) – Loosely based on the movies
  • Gidget (1965-1966) – Sally Field: Surfer girl
  • My Mother The Car (1965-1966) – Freudian nightmare number 146
  • Captain Nice (1967) – Proto Greatest American Hero.
  • The Pruitts Of Southampton (1966-1967) – Riches to rags
  • The Ugliest Girl In Town (1968-1969) – Cross dressing love story.
  • Occasional Wife (1966-1967) – It featured a fire escape!
  • Love On A Rooftop (1968-1969) – Newlywed wackiness
  • He & She (1967-1968)- Writer, actor, & wife make comedy!
  • Good Morning World (1967-1968)- Proto WKRP

You can see full episodes of a lot of these on You Tube and all 30 episodes of “My Mother The Car” can be watched on Hulu. TV Guide voted it the second worst show ever made so every self respecting MSTie should tune in!

On a personal note, even though these are almost all before my time, I actually watched and liked both “Captain Nice” and “Gidget” in reruns. Also, I was watching the theme song video on my phone at work and two friends popped into the break room while it was playing. We formed a theme song singing lounge act that would put the Mandrell sisters to shame! Twas nice to finally check “shaming Mandrells” off my bucket list!

Ten TV Themes In Six Minutes

The themes in this video are, in order:

  • Johnny Staccato (1959-1960)
  • Mr. Broadway (1964) – Music by Dave Brubeck
  • 87th Precinct (1961-1962) – Look for Norman “Mr Roper” Fell
  • Checkmate (1960-1962) – Look for Sebastian “Mr. French” Cabot
  • Suspense Theater (1963-1965)
  • Amos Burke: Secret Agent (1963-1966) – Also called Burke’s Law?
  • Hawk (1966) – Look for young Burt Reynolds
  • T.H.E Cat (1966-1967)
  • The Baron (1966-1967)
  • Man In A Suitcase (1967-1968)

Like many latch key kids of my generation, TV raised me. I’m sure I lost my fair share of IQ points logging so many hours in front of the idiot box but it did make me something of a TV theme song savant. The TV shows in this video are all before my time but I know my fair share of obscure ones too. Anyone remember the theme from Mel Brooks sitcom “When Things Were Rotten?” I do! How about the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” spin-off “Phyllis?” Yup, I can sing that one too. Can anyone else hum the disco-rific theme song for the Desi Arnaz Jr. stinker “Automan?’ No? Uh… yeah… me neither.

Tony Bennett and Saint Television

“Rags To Riches” was written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross in 1953 and it became a number  one hit for Tony Bennett that same year. The Wikipedia entry also mentioned something about Charlie Chaplin and magical gypsies… no, really. I thought about putting the actual opening sequence for “Goodfellas” up but Ray Liotta talks over a lot of the song. There’s also the small matter of the grizzly murder right there in the middle of it. Do check out the title sequence on You Tube if you have the time and the intestinal fortitude. It really is good. I opted for the song and a “Goodfellas” still shot for this post.

Who’s surprised that I haven’t seen “Goodfellas?” Anyone? Anyone? I didn’t think so. I watch a lot of movies but apparently none of the right ones.  When I hear the song “Rags to Riches” I think about the character Carmine “The Big Ragoo” Ragusa on the “Laverne and Shirley” show. And when I hear “Goodfellas” I think of “Good Feathers” from the “Amimaniacs” cartoon. Why yes, TV did raise me as a matter of fact. I won’t hear a word against it either. My TV was a saint!

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