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The Difficult Betty Hutton

The song is “Rumble Rumble Rumble.” It is from the 1947 movie “The Perils Of Pauline” and if you are listening to it you are loving it. That is ape law!

This one is from the 1945 movie “The Stork Club” and it was a number one hit on the Billboard charts for Betty.

You can watch both The Perils Of Pauline and The Stork Club on archive.org because they are public domain. (Can you tell I just learned how to make an embedded link?)

Betty Hutton was one of Hollywood’s “difficult women.” Man I love the “difficult women!”  Most them had very troubled personal lives and Betty was no exception. Eventually mental health issues and addiction alienated her family, stole her career and left her destitute. But luckily Betty was “difficult.” She got sober, took a job in a Catholic church rectory and eventually the ninth grade dropout went back to school and got a masters degree then became a professor of comedic acting at Boston’s Emerson College. She passed away in 2007 at the age of 86. So to all the bold, brassy, bloody minded, beautiful, and other b-worded pioneers on my girl crush list I say thank you. By being “difficult,” you made it much easier for us modern career girls!

Couldn’t We Ride With The Muppets

The scene is from “The Great Muppet Caper” (1981) and it was filmed in London’s Hyde Park. To this day no one (outside of the organization) knows how it was all done. They did give away one secret on a TV show I saw once. At the very end when all the Muppets are riding together, the bikes are attached to each other with tie rods and they are being pulled by a couple of tow trikes. If you pause at about 3:21 you can see a guy in a green shirt looking back. He’s riding one of the trikes.

I’m a HUGE Muppet fan but, oddly enough, I wasn’t all that fond of “Muppet Caper” the first time I saw it. I loved the music on “Sesame Street” and “The Muppet Show” and I wore out 2 or 3 tapes of the first “Muppet Movie” soundtrack. I had high expectations for the music in this movie but, for me, it just fell flat. I never even bought this soundtrack. I am glad I rewatched it though because, other than its musical blandness, it’s got everything else you could want in a Muppet movie. I am now a fan and I’m not the only one here on this forum. Check out cool homage made by my good friend and MSTie twin fifthrate!

Identical Twins Visit Dragon Con

I think his kerchief is very fetching don’t you? Oh wait, that’s me.

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