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Borge’s Punctuation

Since 15 children tried to kill me today, I’m not going to write a full post. I’m going to post Victor Borge doing his phonetic punctuation with Dean Martin. I will say more when I’ve recuperated.

Is it bed time yet?

Victor Borge

Victor Borge was often called the “Clown Prince Of Denmark.” He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1909 to parents who were classical musicians. He started taking piano lessons at age 2 and he gave his first recital at age 8. Borge started as a serious concert pianist but it wasn’t long before he developed his signature “stand up” routine. When he emigrated to the US in 1940, he didn’t speak a word of English but he taught himself  by watching movies and by 1941 he was working for Rudy Vallee and then Bing Crosby. Victor enjoyed a very successful career up to the end of his life. Here he is at the White House. Ike is president so obviously it’s some time between 1953 and 1961.

I don’t care how much better kids were in the olden days, there is NO WAY little Victor Borge was having piano lessons at 2! No matter how bright you are, your “sit still and listen” program is just not online at that age. Heck I’m pretty sure mine never got downloade… hey look, a shiny thing!

Give The Drummers Some

It blows my mind that this blog has nearly a year and a half worth of posts and, until last month, the song “Cute” never appeared. It was composed by Neil Hefti. I never knew it had lyrics but it does. The internet says they were written by Stanley Stein but I couldn’t verify that. It’s the perfect song for drum solos!

This excellent clip is from the show “The Hollywood Palace.” This particular episode is from the 1964 season. This version of “Cute” features an eye crossing talent roster! There’s an introduction from Victor Borge and drum solos by Loui Bellson, Philly Jo Jones, Shelly Manne and Irv Cottler plus the fantastic dancing of Caterina Valente.

Only one of these performers has been featured on this thread so far. There’s no way I’d do them all justice in one post so I have decided to bestow the music industry’s highest honor on them all and give them individual posts right here on this blog! I know it’s a huge honor but these kids have talent and I want to make sure they finally get the recognition they deserve!

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