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Walking My Baby Back Home

“Walking My Baby Back Home” was composed in 1930 by Roy Turk with lyrics by Fred E. Alhert. It has been covered by scores of artists over the years but Nick Lucas was one of the first singers to have a hit with the song back in 1931. Oddly enough, the first version of this song that I ever heard was on an episode of Columbo.  This is a 1951 soundie.

I’m participating in a walk-a-thon today, hence the walking tune. I’ve spent the entire winter and much of spring sitting on my ever widening hindquarters so this unaccustomed physical exertion should be interesting. Ah well, if my under used heart should explode somewhere along the route, at least I can take comfort in the fact that I’m not walking for the Heart Association so at least it won’t be an ironic death. Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the flip side!

St Louis Trip Report

Long story short: A dozen friends from Twitter descended on St Louis for a “Tweet-up” and a show and (shock of the century) it was a blast! Here’s the scoop:

When you “Meet” people in “St. Louis” there’s really only one song you can use to kick off the post:


Part 1: The Drive

There are many many driving songs but I think this one fits the situation perfectly.

At the St Louis meet up last year I nearly killed us all when the brakes failed on my ancient car. This year I decided to forgo the attempted vehicular manslaughter and I hitched a ride with my buddy whose screen name is  Splatnuk. His lady love is not a fan and she doesn’t attend these events so he was driving solo and he was glad of the company. Splatnuk lives just below the North Pole and I live south of him in one of the seedier sections of Narnia. We decided to meet at sunrise where our paths intersect at the gateway between the fantasy realm and reality aka Joliet, IL. It was a fantastic road trip full of laughter and great conversation marred only by the fact that *someone*, and I’m not naming names, drank too much with her breakfast and had to stop every 10 to 20 feet to go to the ladies room. When you have a really long trip,”Don’t drink and drive” isn’t just about alcohol. They oughta put a warning label on Diet Coke!

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting sequel: “The Tweet-up”

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