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I Feel Fine

The band REM started performing together in 1980 but they didn’t achieve mainstream success until the late 80’s or early 90’s when alternative music reached the height its popularity. The recorded the song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” in 1988. This video was released the same year I’m sure.

Radio evangelist Harold Camping has predicted that the world is ending today. It’s probably ridiculous of course except yesterday at Walmart I saw no fewer than three people wearing actual mullets. If that’s not a sign of the apocalypse I don’t know what is!

Slippin’ Into War

I dedicate this post to Aanglagard1!

The band War was famous for its socially conscious lyrics and the unusual musical paring of harmonica and saxophone to provide the melody lines. They recorded the song “Slipping Into Darkness” in 1971. YouTube says this episode of Soul Train aired in 1972.

I got so wrapped up in entertaining a gentleman (phone) caller last night that I didn’t have my blog post ready first thing in the morning. This whole “having a life” thing is going to be harder than I thought!

Stan Kenton with June Christy

I thought I’d play “Tampico” today which is a song I first heard on the Crystal Telephone radio podcast a few weeks ago.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that You Tube has the soundie! Here’s Stan Kenton and his Orchestra with June Christy in living black and white.

My how times have changed since 1945! Back then when we went to war after an attack on American soil we actually won. No one in the movies was allowed to even hint that sex existed and yet that generation went on to make enough babies to completely crush our Social Security system. Now this song tells us that people used to travel to Mexico to buy cheap, shoddy souvenirs made in the USA! If it wasn’t for the pesky little problems of rampant racism and sexism, I’d build a time machine and start selling vacations to our glorious past immediately. I’d market it as ” Bizarro World Holidays” and I’d make a fortune!

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