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Noble Sissle, I Like The Sound Of That!

Because I mentioned him the other day and because Noble Sissle is an AWESOME name, let’s play him today shall we? Noble was born in 1889 and he began touring with vaudeville acts when he was in his teens. He met Eubie Blake after both men left military service at the close of World War I. They formed a vaudeville act called The Dixie Duo which broke racial barriers by refusing to wear the blackface minstrel make-up that was standard at the time. The men eventually parted ways and Noble continued to enjoy a successful career as a band leader well into the 1950s. Later in life he switched careers and became a disc jockey.  Here’s a soundie called “Sizzle With Sissle” with The Noble Sissle Orchestra featuring the lovely miss Mabel Lee.

I have no idea why I think the name Noble Sissle is so cool. I just do. Then again I’ve always liked words. I recently started receiving the Merriam Webster Word Of The Day via email. I knew about half of this week’s words already but it was good to be reminded of them. I like to share them with friends at work too.  This week we had woolgathering and bogus which are both fun to say. Then we had quincunx and philately which are even more fun because they sound dirty even though they aren’t. But our favorite word this week was vermicular. It means resembling a worm or caused by worms. We had a lot of fun trying to find uses for the word that weren’t disgusting.  We came up with vermicular Gummi candies, vermicular composting, and when everyone got “I’m A Barbie Girl” stuck in their brains we decided that some songs are vermicular too! That last one was mine but you have my permission to use it at your next wedding, Bar Mitzvah or wake. You’re welcome.

Jay and Kai Quintet and My Dynamite Brush With Fame

James “JJ” Johnson and Kai Winding formed the Jay and Kai Quintet in 1954 at the request of producer Ozzie Cadena. Their musical styles blended very well and the group enjoyed great commercial success. They recorded several albums and toured the US and Europe. Even though the two men had very different personalities, they got a long well. The group parted ways in 1956 after both men felt they had explored their
musical partnership to its fullest. They reunited several times and remained friends until Winding’s death in 1983. Johnson died in 2001.

I only found one video of the pair on You Tube. It’s from a 1982 Japanese jazz festival. The song is “It’s Alright With Me.”

Anyone who glanced at my small but proud dating portfolio would probably come to the conclusion that my taste in men is pretty eclectic. I must admit though that even I never really understood the heartthrob appeal of Jimmy JJ Walker in the mid 70’s. Every girl I knew had a crush on him. I met him once at the airport in 1977. He shook my hand and thanked me for watching “Good Times.” I always thought the encounter was rather wasted on me. But retelling it did make me the most popular girl in my 5th grade class for weeks!

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